When Customers Want Options

When we want to make big purchasing decisions we always are looking for options. Sometimes it is different materials, different packages, or some other archaic or worthwhile denominator. As creators and admins of quoting tools, we are faced with anticipating such demands to show options. So here are a few simple ideas. One of two… Continue reading When Customers Want Options

Standard vs Advanced Currency Management

What is It?  Advanced Currency Management is a function provided by Salesforce that allows for dated exchange rates. However enabling ACM requires understanding the limitations.  What is Standard Multi-Currency? Enabling “standard” multi-currency is still a requirement before activating ACM. So it is good to understand it’s functionality. Standard multi-currency allows an admin to set: The… Continue reading Standard vs Advanced Currency Management

Subscription Terms and End Date and Proration

This will seem basic but also a situation that were faced with… Understand that on a quote/quote line group/quote line, the Subscription Term field will override End Date. If you use end date, by all means do so, but don’t feel like adding a term will make a difference. Also look for fields called Effective… Continue reading Subscription Terms and End Date and Proration

Quote Performance Settings

CPQ has new-er functionality that will push the tool into a “large quote calculation” event. If your quotes are typically entering hundreds of lines, hello MDQ I’m looking at you, then this could be useful. Understand that in the package settings there are two settings: Threshold Batch Size The Threshold is the total number of… Continue reading Quote Performance Settings

Summary Variables Versus Roll-up Summary

There is a concept called the “Law of the Instrument”. It basically says that if you are familiar with a tool, you are more than likely to use said tool over a better alternative. For Salesforce Admins this happens all-the-time. “I don’t trust Flows so I use Workflow” could be the most stated comment from… Continue reading Summary Variables Versus Roll-up Summary